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About PSS Holdings Ltd

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Set up in 2005, PSS Holdings ltd. has since grown into one of the leading companies in the property development field.  During the last decade and previously under the name of SN Properties Ltd., the Company has developed and constructed hundreds of residential units and commercial premises, which were all successfully sold or leased. Dealing in all types of property, has allowed the Company to create a strong and diverse portfolio of properties all over the Island.


We are dedicated into making sure that our product is of the highest standard of quality and to the full satisfaction of our clients. Hence, we employ the best architects and civil engineers on the Island for the design of our projects and we entrust building contractors with great value of experience and workmanship to undertake responsibility of all works from the design through completion and commissioning.


Whether you are looking for a property as a home, a holiday apartment, commercial premises or as an investment, PSS Holdings Ltd.  is the right choice.